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Residential - New Development

We work with a variety of clients on creating development opportunities and maximizing the potential value of their land.  This includes working for established residential development companies who are familiar with planning and construction right through to small private homeowners looking to take on their first small development or build a new home.


We take on projects at all stages of development and design:


  • Produce feasibility studies on new sites; vacant or previously developed land.


  • Develop a detailed planning design for sites purchased with only an Outline Planning Approval in place.


  • Develop detailed construction design on sites with Full Planning Approval.



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Residential - New Development Projects

Broomacres, Tarvin

1 Unit

Total area of 5,400 sqft

  • Outline Planning Approval had been granted for a 3,100ft2 replacement dwelling on a site containing a dilapidated bungalow near to Tarvin, Cheshire.

  • Set within a 3-acre site we concluded that the Outline approved design did not take full advantage of the site and the constrained dwelling form would not suit the local rural context.  

  • Via a Reserved Matters Planning Application we secured consent for a larger detached 5-bedroom house and detached garage totaling 5,400ft2.  This includes flexible basement accommodation of media room, leisure / games facilities that can be tailored to suit a buyer’s requirements.

  • Traditional gable forms and details respecting the local rural context are combined with more contemporary open-plan spaces, vaulted ceilings and glazed features to connect the dwelling interior with its wider rural setting.

Broomacres front view.jpg
Broomacres rear view.jpg

Witton Park, Hartford

3 Units

Total area of 13,100 sqft

  • Outline Planning Approval had been granted for 3 new dwellings totaling 10,500ft2 on the site of a former reservoir on the edge of an urban setting.

  • Via a Reserved Matters Planning Application, we secured consent for 3 larger detached 5-bedroom houses totaling 13,100ft2.  

  • The site presented several geo-technical and environmental challenges for the design and construction team which were successfully resolved through collaborative working methods.

  • The site’s unique, secluded setting provided an opportunity for fresh contemporary dwelling designs using a simple palette of materials to create interesting living spaces.

Witton Park Sales Brochure PDF


Townfield Lane, Tarvin

2 Units

Total Area of 7,200 sqft

Townfield access.JPG
Townfield Plot 1 ext rear2.JPG
Townfield Plot 1 ext rear.JPG
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